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The steroid diosgenin extracted from the plant is a crucial element in the production of hormones which contributes to the maturity process of the fish.
Diosgenin was extracted and purified as reported previously.
Steroidal sapogenins such as diosgenin, obtainable by hydrolysis of their corresponding saponin molecules, are used by the pharmaceutical industry as raw materials for the synthesis of oral contraceptives and other classes of steroid drugs (Hardman, 1987).
The plant contains saponins; these are glycosides, such as diosgenin, dioscin and dioscorin, and are used in the manufacture of steroids.
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In the previous study, authors of the present report established a mixed microscopic method for differentiating DN from several Dioscorea species in order to ensure the authentic origin of DN during herb collection [4] and later demonstrated that major constituents of DN include Dioscorea saponins but contained no free diosgenin [5,6] and that DN mediates a cardioprotective effect [7].
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