diode laser

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diode laser

A compact laser designed with semiconductors, with wavelengths from 800 to 1000 nm, used in skin, eye, and urological surgeries.

Patient care

Care involves general support, giving explanations, and answering questions. Equipment must be checked and regulations followed, esp. those that involve fire safety. The surgeon is given assistance, as needed.

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Four patients (13.3%) had no light perception prior to treatment and diode laser was performed for ocular pain control.
The 2 [micro]m CW laser and diode laser both have perfect cutting effect and hemostatic effect; however, it is difficult for the two kinds of lasers to cut the large middle lobe of the prostate protruding into the bladder.
The 1,060-nm diode laser used for the study features four flat, nonsuction applicators.
The sections from the ventral face of the rabbit's tongue using the diode laser (810, 940, and 980 nm) showed a similar thermal denaturation, such as carbonization, characterized histologically by degradation vacuoles, pyknosis, karyolysis, karyorrhexis, and elongation of nuclei at the edges of the incisions (Figure 2).
Bardhoshi, "Evaluation of early and long term results of the treatment of mucocele of the lip using 980 nm diode laser," European Scientific Journal, vol.
Overall, 99 eyes (97.1%) showed a satisfactory response to diode laser photocoagulation and 3 eyes (2.9%) eventually progressed to stage 4 ROP.
procure the latest Diode Laser Machine at a cost of Rs 12 million from Japan, Germany and US firms.
Hence, the purpose of the study is to compare the evaluation of immediate efficacy of diode laser versus desensitizing paste containing 8% arginine and calcium carbonate in treatment of dentine hypersensitivity In-vivo.
As an alternative, the diode laser also provides a near-infrared irradiation (wavelength = 970 nm) with parameters similar to those provided by Nd:YAG, but with more attractive usage and availability, such as lower size, weight, and cost.
Diode laser treat recurrent aphthous ulcers by photostimulation and banding.