borderline leprosy

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bor·der·line lep·ro·sy

a form of leprosy that is very unstable immunologically; the cutaneous nerves frequently contain bacilli, but the lepromin test is usually negative; cutaneous lesions are composed of flat bands or plaques.
Synonym(s): dimorphous leprosy

borderline leprosy

A term for one of two presentations of leprosy, borderline tuberculous leprosy—in which there are a smattering of reactive granulomas with scattered large, sharply demarcated, hairless anaesthetic plaques—and borderline lepromatous leprosy—characterised by skin nodules filled with numerous bacilli.


a human leukocyte antigen (HLA); there is a strong association between HLA B27 tissue type and incidence of Reiter's syndrome and other sero-negative arthropathies


pathogenic entity characterized by an identifiable aetiological agent, group of signs and symptoms and/or consistent anatomical alterations; see syndrome