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Friedrich, Austrian ophthalmologist, 1855-1926. See: Dimmer keratitis.
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But while Wrexham is pressing ahead with its plans to become greener through better bulbs and dimmer switches, other local authorities who are switching off lights to save cash have come under fire from the AA highways rescue agency.
The Conservative-run council insists dimmer switches will deliver cuts in bills and energy.
The Nitron series of Flash MCUs from Motorola are designed for embedded systems from light dimmer switches and digital keypads to windshield wiper motor controllers and washing machine controllers.
Typically most of these projects employ dimmer switches for lighting, use passive solar energy technology and utilize natural lighting and ventilation wherever possible.
Editor's note: GE and Philips make compact fluorescent bulbs that work on dimmer switches.
Dimmer switches are fairly cheap to install and can quickly change the look of a room.
The strip heaters were powered with 110Vac and controlled with ordinary dimmer switches.
All three models can also be used with rheostat dimmer switches in indoor lamp designs, while the FL77905 and FL77944 models have a dedicated DIM pin, which is designed to be used with analog or digital PWM dimming.
The process of fixing up the house, which has so far included reseeding and fertilizing the lawn, adding a barbecue and furniture to the backyard, painting walls and adding dimmer switches, will be supported by a website, complete with how-to videos (40 already are posted).