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Friedrich, Austrian ophthalmologist, 1855-1926. See: Dimmer keratitis.
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Your primary concern should be the fire hazard that was created when you wired a dimmer switch to an electric motor.
Halo Home, which currently includes 4-inch and 5/6-inch downlights, a Smart Anyplace Bluetooth Dimmer and an optional internet access bridge, is a simple and flexible connected option, with the ability install as little as one downlight or scale up to control the entire home through the easy-to-use Halo Home app for iOS or Android.
Both the dimmer and switch offer flexibility to program timed events at set or random times for daily activities or for a "lived-in" look while occupants are away.
No dimmer can make a bulb perform beyond its dimming range or manufacturers' specifications, but choosing the right dimmer will maximize bulb performance.
Get a new rotary dimmer switch for your MW24C scoop loader with NSN 5905-01-177-9484 (PN 7468, CAGE 13445).
SPLURGE Mirror Lyon walnut mirror, Allan's Furniture Warehouse PS169 Dimmer Sloping edge dimmer, Homebase PS13.
Through patented technology, the CS1615/16 consistently outperforms competing single-stage LED drivers in dimmer compatibility while offering a total bill-of-material cost equal to competing solutions, according to the company.
From spotlights to highlight design features to ambience-creating dimmer switches, chandeliers to add a touch of glamour and energy-saving lights to boost your green credentials, there's a huge selection of lighting solutions to choose from.
Chris Lewis drove to London to do the work - and then returned two weeks later to adjust two bedroom dimmer switches.
SURELY having dimmer lights on our roads will cause more accidents, as they will create big shadows
The European Commission, which starts an EU-wide ban on old bulbs tomorrow, says the light of new bulbs is being "exaggerated" - and admits they are dimmer.
A quality dimmer such as those made by Lutron, whose founder invented the electronic dimmer switch in 1961, can dramatically transform a living space.