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The elevated choline level in plasma of the model group was accompanied by a decrease in trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) in plasma and dimethylamine (DMA) in urine (Fig.
Methylamine and dimethylamine photocatalytic degradation --Adsorption isotherms and kinetics.
These include the formation of anionic polyacrylamide through hydrolysis, (17) the synthesis of sulfomethylated derivatives from the reaction of polyacrylamide with formaldehyde and sodium bisulfate, (18) the formation of aminomethylated polyacrylamide from the reaction of polyacrylamide with formaldehyde and dimethylamine (Mannich reaction), (19) and the generation of various derivatives by transamidation reactions including hydroxamated polyacrylamides used as a flocculant in the Bayer process.
GC-MS assay for hepatic DDAH activity in diabetic and non-diabetic rats by measuring dimethylamine (DMA) formed from asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA): evaluation of the importance of S-nitrosothiols as inhibitors of DDAH activity in vitro and in vivo in humans.
Table IV Causes of blood-borne halitosis Odorant Systemic diseases * Hepatic failure/liver cirrhosis * Dimethyl sulfide * Uremia/kidney failure * Dimethylamine, trimethy lamine * Diabetic ketoacidosis/diabetes mellitus * Acetone Metabolic disorders * Isolated persistent * Dimethyl sulfide hypermethioninemia * Trimethylamine * Fish odor syndrome, trimethy laminuria Medication * Disulfiram * Carbon disulfide * Dimethyl sulphoxide * Dimethyl sulfide * Cysteamine * Dimethyl sulfide Food * Garlic * Ally1 methyl sulfide * Onion * Methyl propyl sulfide Tangerman A.
Registered forms of 2,4-D include 2,4-D acid, 2,4-D dimethylamine salt (DMAS), 2,4-D isopropyl acid (IPA), 2,4-D triisopropyl acid (TIPA), 2,4-D ethylhexyl ester (EHE), 2,4-D butoxy ethyl ester (BEE), 2,4-D diethyl amine(DEA), 2,4-D isopropyl ester (IPE), and 2,4-D sodium salt.
There are tricarbonylamide, phenolic diketone, and dimethylamine groups in tetracycline antibiotics, which can contribute to a marked pH-dependent speciation affecting aqueous solubility and lipophilicity.
List notables nitrocellulose, hydrogen peroxide, acetaldehyde, aluminum powder, dimethylamine and potassium nitrate all are common in metalcasting facilities, appearing in paints, resins, coatings, pigments, oxidation systems and risers.
In seafood, total volatile basic nitrogen (TVB-N) primarily includes trimethylamine (TMA), ammonia and dimethylamine (DMA).
The conclusions recommend limiting chlorine disinfection in wastewater, keeping the pH of treated water neutral, avoiding the disposal of carbamates into waste streams, and minimizing the use of polyelectrolytes containing the dimethylamine (DMA) functional group.