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Consisting of two parts.
[G. di-, two, + meros, part]


1. Consisting of two parts or segments, as the tarsus in certain insects.
2. Botany Having flower parts, such as petals, sepals, and stamens, in sets of two.

dim′er·y n.
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The dimerous gynoecium in Apiaceae can have a superimposed pentamerous symmetry from the other floral whorls and thus be monosymmetric (instead of disymmetric).
In Calceolariaceae, the flowers are tetramerous (and may almost look dimerous) (Endress, 1999; Mayr & Weber, 2006).
In a dimerous dorsiventrally flattened pistil the two stigma primordia originate laterally, and in a dimerous laterally flattened pistil they originate dorsiventrally (Fig.
decussately opposite dimerous whorls form a superficially tetramerous