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Consisting of two parts.
[G. di-, two, + meros, part]


1. Consisting of two parts or segments, as the tarsus in certain insects.
2. Botany Having flower parts, such as petals, sepals, and stamens, in sets of two.

dim′er·y n.
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In the largely tetramerous and dimerous Oleaceae, Jasminum species with increased number of petals are polysymmetric (Torgard, 1924).
In a dimerous dorsiventrally flattened pistil the two stigma primordia originate laterally, and in a dimerous laterally flattened pistil they originate dorsiventrally (Fig.
We also concentrate on the origin of dimerous gynoecia in genera such as Kyllinga, Pycreus and Queenslandiella, including anatomical and molecular data of Reynders et al.
decussately opposite dimerous whorls form a superficially tetramerous