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Dimercaprol, also called 2,3-Dimercaptopropanol, was developed by British biochemists during World War II as an antidote for lewisite, an obsolete arsenic-based chemical warfare agent.
Reduced (not [7] (25 one-day specified) cycles) 56/M DMPS oral Reduced (not [8] (14mg/kg/day specified) for 6 days, 4 mg/kg for 5 days, and 4 mg/kg for 4 days) 52/M Dimercaprol Co decrease (by [9] (1 three-day 33%) cycle) 55/M DMPS Not specified [10] (Not specified) 75/M NAC oral + i.v.
Edetate calcium disodium forms stable chelates with a number of metals, but it is primarily used for lead overdose, either alone or in combination with dimercaprol. There are only a few reports of its use in human pregnancy, all occurring late in gestation.
La accion del dimercaprol es de caracter lipofilo; por eso, si se supera la dosis optima, es danino para el SNC.
Chelating agents are used to treat lead poisoning cases and include chemicals such as Bal (Dimercaprol), Ca[Na.sub.2]EDTA, and Succimer (Giannattasio, 1998).
* Dimercaprol is either used alone (arsenic, gold, and acute mercury) or combined with edetate calcium disodium (lead).
The boy was treated with dimercaprol (i.e., BAL) followed by calcium disodium versenate (i.e., EDTA), and his BLL decreased to 57 [micro]g/dL.
Both acute and chronic exposure is treated with chelation with dimercaprol (BAL), DMSA (succimer), d-penicillamine DMPS (CEHN, 1999; AAP, 2003).
One type contained the anthrax vaccine and the other contained phials of a drug called dimercaprol which acts as an antidote to heavy metal poisoning.
Other chelation agents include DMPS (Sodium Dimercaptopropanesulfonate) and Dimercaprol (BAL).
Control or sample (0.5 mL) was pipetted into plastic tubes, and 10 [micro]L of dimercaprol solution and 10 [micro]L of 8-hydroxyquinoline solution were added to each tube and mixed.
Chelation therapy with CaEDTA and dimercaprol (BAL) was performed.