dimensional stability

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di·men·sion·al sta·bil·i·ty

the property of a material to retain its size and form.
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di·men·sion·al sta·bil·ity

(di-menshŭn-ăl stă-bili-tē)
Property of a material to retain its size and form.
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Aim of this study was to determine effect of autoclave sterilization on the time dependent dimensional stability of vinylsiloxanether impression material.
Foam Supplies reports that its Ecomate blowing agent can produce more economical pour-in-place foams with good dimensional stability and excellent flame resistance at low densities.
* offered advantages over fabrication (method initially targeted for this new product) in cost, uniformity/consistency of manufacturing, dimensional stability and airflow.
Cork in spherical, cubical, elongated, and shredded forms is an inert filler used to lower cost and density, to build viscosity, and to boost dimensional stability and coefficient of friction.
The material is said to have high rigidity good dimensional stability at high temperatures, and excellent resistance to distortion following molding.
Topics included dimensional precision of patterns, alternate pattern materials, dimensional stability, sand compaction properties, casting parameters and the development of marine engine blocks using EPC.
Related to the epoxy family, oxetane chemistry reportedly produces faster photocures, higher green strength, and better resistance to moisture for higher dimensional stability.
In addition, Alcryn MPR is resistant to heat, sunlight and UV light, exhibiting dimensional stability and chemical resistance in harsh environments and extreme weather conditions, according to the manufacturer.
In response to concerns about dimensional stability and reaction control in rigid applications, Air Products has developed Polycat 18 catalyst, which is said to delay cream times with no loss in back-end cure in rigid lamination, high-density microcellular, and integral skin applications.
The silicon promotes improved oxidation resistance compared to unalloyed ductile irons and benefits dimensional stability.
A new brilliantly clear copolyester boasts excellent impact strength together with chemical resistance, dimensional stability, and low shrinkage--properties suitable for medical applications such as injection molded drug delivery devices.
Akrofaxes are use to absorb large amounts of mineral oil or other plasticizers, especially in low durometer stocks; to provide dimensional stability in profile extrusions and minimize distortion in open steam; to improve flow under mechanical pressure and increase extrusion speed; to provide a unique surface finish and reduce mill sticking on back rolls and air entrapment in cured parts; and more, according to the manufacturer.