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It is also clear that the more dissimilarity between classifiers which are trained by complementary subsets, the more complementarity between them, which may improve utilization rate of high dimensional data features.
It is meaningful that similarity measure design can be extended to high dimensional data processing because gait signal was considered as a high dimensional data.
For an easy-to-use way to reduce the dimension, Although the method of attribute reduction and attribute conversion clustering analysis of high dimensional data. But through the dimension reduction the difference between the normal data and noise data will be reduced and the quality of clustering can't be guarantee.
Unfortunately, the performance of multidimensional index structures deteriorates when the dimension of the data space increases, since they are primarily designed for low dimensional data spaces (2D and 3D) prevalent in spatial database systems, whereas feature vectors are usually high dimensional.
Revealed here are design strategies for enhancing the dimensionality and density of portrayals of information--techniques exemplified in maps, charts, tables, diagrams, statistical graphics, computer visualizations and two-dimensional presentations of three or more dimensional data structures.
And finally, ground freight companies now use dimensional data to cost and price the freight they carry.
D.Asir Antony Gnana Singh investigated his literature review of Feature selection methods for high dimensional data represented hybrid is the combination of filter and wrapper based approach.
Applied Biclustering Methods for Big and High Dimensional Data Using R
This is a very effective clustering algorithm for a clustering of high dimensional data in large databases.
Quality management software solutions and consulting services provider Dimensional Control Systems Inc (DCS) announced on Thursday that automotive company Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has selected the Graphic Data Management (GDM) solution to replace its existing dimensional data management system.
IPC-7351B includes both the standard and an IPC-7351B Land Pattern Calculator on CD-ROM for accessing component and land pattern dimensional data. The calculator includes the document's mathematical algorithms.

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