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If a dilution claimant "must show that when the general public encounters the mark in almost any context, it associates the mark, at least initially, with the mark's owner," it is not abundantly clear that ESRT met that standard.
MICs of only twenty-four clinical strains were determined by broth microdilution and agar dilution methods due to financial constraints.
The negative consequences of dilution are difficult to detect without a closer look that incorporates relative per-share performance.
The first court to adjudicate a dilution by blurring claim post-TDRA was the Fourth Circuit in a case involving the famous brand Louis Vuitton.
If the initial concentration of your sample is known, the diluted concentration can be determined by multiplying the starting concentration by the dilution.
Out of 51 samples which were negative by both MAT and single dilution ELISA, 19 samples were collected from patients suffering from other febrile illness like typhoid, acute jaundice and hepatitis.
33) To prevent dilution relief from supplanting infringement relief and overprotecting trademarks, the FTDA dilution remedy is restricted to only the most famous trademarks which suffer actual trademark dilution.
What is the dilution ratio if 5 mL is added to 22 mL?
Balanced against shareholder dilution concerns, a public company needs a shares reserved pool ideally large enough to fund at least three years of projected stock option grants.
The dilution protocol recommended by Abbott (18) is a twofold dilution, prepared before assay set up, with equal amounts of patient specimen and calibrator A.
It's a question of whether a company is willing to incur dilution to reduce its interest burden," he says.
The Federal Trademark Dilution Act of 1995 protects famous marks from uses that "dilute" their distinctiveness.