diluted hydrochloric acid

di·lut·ed hy·dro·chlor·ic ac·id

a preparation that contains, in each 100 mL, 10 g of HCl; used internally for achlorhydria.
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They discovered that theobromine was superior to sodium fluoride (which has been in use since 1914) in two key aspects: microhardness and calcium loss upon exposure to diluted hydrochloric acid.
His Alsatian had an ear complaint and the local vet was advising diluted hydrochloric acid.
Firemen wearing chemical protection suits and breathing equipment were called to deal with the spillage of diluted hydrochloric acid at ANC Delivery Services in Bedworth Road, Longford at 8.
In distilled water at different pH values: In the previously mentioned tubes with the swelled hydrogel poly(BuAAAm)Na, drops of diluted hydrochloric acid were added, and the pH changes were recorded, as well as the length of volumes of the swelled hydrogels.
Diluted hydrochloric acid can be added to a particular food sample to extract any available gluten.