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(dī'lā-tŏr), This abridgment of dilatator is not correct Latin and is not recognized in TA.
1. An instrument designed to enlarge a hollow structure or opening.
See also: bougie.
2. A muscle that pulls open an orifice.
See also: bougie.
3. A substance that causes dilation or enlargement of an opening or the lumen of a hollow structure.
See also: bougie.
Synonym(s): dilatator
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(dĭl′ə-tā′tər, dī′lə-)
A dilator.
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1. Instrument designed to enlarge a hollow structure or opening.
2. Muscle that pulls open an orifice.
3. Substance that causes dilation or enlargement of an opening or the lumen of a hollow structure.
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Bu oransal farkliligi sneak operasyon sonrasi iyilesmede bobrek etrafindaki dokuda olusan nedeniyle baton dilatatorun kilavuz tel uzerinden ilerletilemernesi, sonuc olarak toplayici sisteme balon dilatator ile ulasilamama aciklayabilir.
In such cases we suggest switching the percutaneous tracheostomy from forceps to progressive dilatator, allowing completion of the procedure without complications.
Dilatasyonda 9 hastada Amplatz dilatator seti ile 28-30F kadar, 20 hastada balon dilatator 30F ile 16-20 atmosfer basinc dilatasyon kullanildi.
Morphology of the tensor veli palatiny, tensor tympani and dilatator tubae muscles.
This approach, with a minimal access port through the Kambin triangle, provides nerve root protection using progressive soft tissue dilatators [6].
A high-pressure balloon dilator (Nephromax[TM] Microvasive, Boston Scientific Corporation, Natick, MA, U.S.) or telescopic dilatators were used for tract dilatation.
In contrast, our results show dilatators response of 70%in Girella laevifrons and 60% were observed in Isacia conceptionis, in MA, and dilation close to 40% in DA in both species.
In fifteen patients (53.6%) of misoprostol group and 8 patients (28.6%) in the placebo group, the Hager dilatators number 5 could pass the cervix.
The leakage of fluid around metallic dilatators indicated the right tract.
The bed was enlarged and prepared by lacrimal dilatators. Medpor coated tear drainage tubes (18/3.5 mm) were directly passed through the bed, while silicon tubes (40/2 mm) were placed by passing them over lacrimal probes.
Residents with asthma and other respiratory conditions are encouraged to use nebulisers and bronchial dilatators directly after the onset of asthma symptoms and those with persistent coughs should also visit their nearest healthcare centre if they experience symptoms.
The disadvantages include postoperative use of vaginal dilatators for at least 6 months after the surgery, according to instructions.