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The immediate precursor of ascorbic acid in those animals capable of ascorbic acid biosynthesis.
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The increase in pH and enzymatic activities causes the conversion of L-ascorbic acid to dihydroascorbic acid (Bashir and Abu-Goukh, 2002), thus resulting in the decline of the ascorbic acid content during storage (Teruel et al., 2000).
So he proposes that research be done on Alzheimer's and dihydroascorbic acid, an effective antioxidant that is able to leap the barrier and be absorbed by cerebral cells.
It then becomes like a violent psychopath, reacting with cellular proteins in a series of savage steps to ultimately produce hydrogen peroxide.) The research problem he envisions regarding Alzheimer's is to see if dihydroascorbic acid suppresses both the concentration of brain hydrogen peroxide and the symptoms of the disease.