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a finger or toe.
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(dij'it), [TA]
A finger or toe.
See also: finger, toe.
Synonym(s): digitus [TA], dactyl, dactylus
[L. digitus]
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(dij'it) [TA]
A finger or toe.
Synonym(s): digitus [TA] , dactyl, dactylus.
[L. digitus]
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El caracter que permite esta separacion corresponde a la forma del digitus el cual para esta ultima es alargado (digitiforme).
Although only the length of the proximal and distal phalanges of the right thumb (Digitus pirimus) was statistically different, in the left thumb, both surface area and length had statistically important ratio-related-differences.
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Gaunt is in fact pointing God's own finger, the digitus dei, at Richard II and naming him a tyrant.
The narrator's use of the Latin term digitus annularis invokes the language of the church courts and their powerful role in policing sexual behaviour (p.
Fuchs first applied the term digitus to the foxglove in his herbal De Historia Stirpium, published in 1542.
The agreement enables Silex Technology to bundle Precises Biometrics' product Precise Match-on-Card with its own Digitus fingerprint reader for the Japanese market, Precise Biometrics said.
The explanation for this curious gesture is indicated by the inscription: 'Ubi dolor ibi digitus' it says (where the blow, there the finger).