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The aglycon derived from digitoxin; can be prepared by refluxing digitoxin in a mixture of water, alcohol, and hydrochloric acid.
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The mass to charge ratios (m/z) for ions monitored for sodium adducts of DTN, bis-DTN, mono-DTN, and digitoxigenin were 787.98, 657.83, 527.67, and 397.53, respectively.
The retention times (minutes) for these glycosides were as follows: DTN, 67; bis-DTN, 65; mono-DTN, 63; digitoxigenin, 60; digoxin, 57; bis-digoxin, 54; monodigoxin, 47; and digoxigenin, 35.
Analyses of DTN and congeners by LC/MS resulted in the following elution times (minutes): DTN, 24; bis-DTN, 15; mono-DTN, 11; digitoxigenin, 8.5; and digoxigenin (internal standard), 5.
In the same study, [IC.sub.50] values of 0.68 and 0.08 [micro]mol/L were reported for DTN and digitoxigenin, respectively.
The deglycosylated congeners of DTN (mono-DTN, bis-DTN, and digitoxigenin) were not detected in serum of patients on DTN therapy and did not contribute to discrepancy in DTN results for samples investigated.