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Out of 200 cases, distribution of common warts were the common type with 106 cases (53%) followed by plantar warts 23 (11.5%), flat warts 22 (11%), genital warts 20 (10%), periungual warts 11 (5.5%), palmar warts 9 (4.5%), filiform warts 5 (2.5%), digitate warts (2%).
Common warts were the most common type followed by plantar warts, flat warts, genital warts, periungual warts, palmar warts, filiform warts, digitate warts. Multiple site involvement is more common among children.
These include: common warts (verruca vulgaris) flat warts (verruca plana) filiform or digitate warts genital warts (venereal warts condyloma acuminatum verruca acuminata) mosaic warts plantar warts periungual warts plantar warts (verruca plantaris).