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A standardized mixture of digitalis glycosides used as a cardiotonic in the treatment of congestive heart failure.
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1. A white crystalline glycoside, C36H56O14, that is obtained from the seeds of the common foxglove.
2. One of several mixtures of digitalis glycosides that are extracted from the leaves or seeds of the common foxglove.
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He is currently managing director of Piccadilly Radio, which controls the fortunes of Key 103 and Magic1152 in Manchester, a position he has held since moving from a senior role in Emap Digitalin October, 2000.
Digitalis purpurea is a source of the digitalin, a cardiac stimulant, and handling them without wearing gloves may cause skin irritation.
* digitalin and digoxin, heart drugs from foxglove Digitalis sp.

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