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The Xerox FreeFlow Digital Workflow Collection is used in more than 12,000 installations worldwide - helping print providers complete jobs faster, build new business and improve revenue.
The Xerox FreeFlow Digital Workflow Collection is available immediately worldwide at the following U.
The Xerox FreeFlow Digital Workflow Collection is comprised of software components that automate and streamline print production processes to help digital printing businesses save time and money.
The Company's broad technology portfolio includes: Raster Image Processors that convert text and images into printable form; software for document conversion and manipulation; and, components for digital workflows and color management.
xpedx Provides Much of What Digital Printers Need Today, Including Printing Papers, Digital Workflows, Color Management, Presses, Graphics Supplies, Online Graphics Training, Customized Operations Analysis and More;
and globally-sourced papers for digital printing, adding new digital printing equipment, new digital workflows from leading OEMs, new color management tools as well as self-paced, 24/7 online training in all the leading graphics programs.
As facilities begin transitioning from film to digital workflows, outsourced digitization enables radiologists to enhance throughput and speed workflow by:

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