digital thermometer

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dig·i·tal ther·mom·e·ter

(dij'i-tăl thĕr-mom'ĕ-tĕr)
An instrument that measures the temperature of something or someone in an LCD readout; most common type used in health care in North America today, supplanting the mercury thermometer.
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Fans may complete and submit the entry form for the "Digital Thermometer Giveaway" on Tundra Restaurant Supply's Facebook page ( or on the Tundra Restaurant Supply Backburner Blog (
During the short journey our digital thermometer began to creep up reaching a maximum of 34.7C.
Although, Digital thermometers hold the major percentage share in the total body temperature monitoring devices, Infrared thermometer is projected to display a faster growth in the future owing to increasing technological advancements coupled with efforts by the governments and hospitals.
The device turns the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a digital thermometer. The application (App), downloaded from the App Store, reads the temperature, creates graphs, sets up alerts, stores data, e-mails graphs, and exports data to Excel.
I recommend to dog handlers and trainers to keep a digital thermometer as part of their training kit.
1 Vicks Digital Thermometer (V901H) in India, Vicks through Kaz Inc.
"The program teaches this special population how to avoid getting common illnesses, how to use a digital thermometer to help determine whether they need medical care, and also what to do if they just need to stay home for a few days to get over a cold or minor respiratory infection," Wells said.
T-shaped digital thermometer, pounds 7.82 (, 01539 488100) 8/10
Features such as electronic controls, alarm systems, two-inch thick polyurethane foam walls and an exterior digital thermometer allow users to easily maintain the temperature of the equipment.
The opposite side features a digital thermometer apparatus with an LCD panel of it's own.
An electronic controller with a digital thermometer and alarm function offer a combination of efficiency, accuracy, and reliability.
The new station has a digital thermometer, rain gauge, barometer, wind vane, anemometer and hygrometer.
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