digital rectal examination

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digital rectal examination (DRE),

a manual examination done with the physician's hand gloved to check anatomic structures about the pelvis and lower abdomen. The procedure is often combined with a general physical examination.

digital rectal examination

The insertion of a gloved & lubricated index finger per rectum by an examiner to palpate the prostate–and detect ↑ firmness, and anorectal mucosa, given its efficacy as a screening tool for identifying lower rectal and prostatic lesions–BPH or CA

digital rectal examination

Abbreviation: DRE
Palpation of the anus, rectum, and prostate gland with a gloved finger, used in the diagnosis of intestinal bleeding, anorectal pain, and both benign and malignant diseases of the prostate.

Patient care

The patient should be positioned for comfort, e.g., in Sims position (lying on the left side with knees and hips comfortably flexed). A chaperone and/or a drape should be provided for patient safety, comfort, and dignity. After an explanation of the procedure to the patient, several mL of surgical lubricant are placed on the examiner's glove, usually on the index finger. The examiner visually inspects the anus and perineum, then places the gloved finger on the anal opening while asking the patient to bear down gently. After the finger enters the anus, it is used to sweep circumferentially around the interior of the distal intestine. It is then directed anteriorly (when examining a male patient) to evaluate the consistency, size, and nodularity of the prostate gland. Samples of stool obtained during the exam may be sent to the lab to test them for the presence of occult blood.

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Digital rectal examination

A routine screening test that is used to detect any lumps in the prostate gland or any hardening or other abnormality of the prostate tissue. The doctor inserts a gloved and lubricated finger (digit) into the patient's rectum, which lies just behind the prostate. Typically, since a majority of tumors develop in the posterior region of the prostate, they can be detected through the rectum.
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A physical examination known as a digital rectal examination (DRE) will then take place, which involves your doctor gently placing their finger into your anus, and then up into your rectum.
Testing PSA levels along with digital rectal examination (a doctor passes a gloved finger after applying a lubricant in patient's rectum and feels the prostate for hardness and irregularity) increases the chances of diagnosis at an earlier stage.
0 ng/mL, and with digital rectal examination findings that are not suspicious for cancer.
The combination of these two methods is necessary as the EU does not consider the PSA as an exclusive tool for screening, but stresses that for a comprehensive diagnosis additional tests are always necessary, like the digital rectal examination and ultrasound," Patsalis said.

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