bisecting angle technique

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bisecting angle technique

A dental radiographic technique that requires placement of the film as close as possible to the teeth, causing the film to rest against the crown; visualization of a bisector, which bisects the angle formed by the long axis of the teeth and the film; and positioning of the central ray perpendicular to the bisector. The image produced is distorted in a buccolingual direction Synonym: short-cone technique See: Cieszynski's rule
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bi·sect·ing an·gle tech·nique

(bī-sekting anggĕl tek-nēk)
Intraoral radiographic procedure wherein film is placed along lingual surface of the resting on palate or floor of mouth; central ray of the x-ray beam is perpendicular to imaginary plane that bisects angle formed by film and long axis of tooth at their contact point.
Synonym(s): bisecting method, bisecting technique, digital method.
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