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Last summer, Comcast launched Internet Essentials, the ambitious broadband adoption program which provides low-income families access to deeply discounted Internet service as well as a low-cost computer and free digital literacy training.
Investment in digital literacy and ICT-related skills will equip societies with the resources to overcome Exclusion 2.
Dedicated more than $1 million in grants to create Internet Essentials Learning Zones, where networks of nonprofit partners are working together to enhance public Internet access and increase family-focused digital literacy training in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Fresno, Miami, and Seattle, among others.
Enriched digital literacy training efforts both online and in-person, including offering a series of short videos, featuring NBC and Telemundo news personalities Al Roker, Kate Snow, Jenna Wolfe and Jose Diaz-Balart, discussing how to use job search tools and social networking sites as well as tips for what parents should know about cyber bullying;
The acceleration of initiatives that bring e-government and universal Internet access to citizens in the region has produced a crucial need for an Arabic-language assessment of digital literacy," said Marie Taylor, executive vice president of Certiport EMEA.
The program complements government efforts to promote digital literacy and create a 'digitally aware' society in Iraq.
Commenting on the partnership, Myra Khattab, Programme Manager at MSU Dubai said: AoIn line with our continuing pursuit of excellence in the classroom, we intend to leverage ICDL's expertise and extensive resources in developing customised digital literacy and training programs for students and educators.
We are definitely inching closer to the implementation of the Digital Literacy Programme to Primary schools.
Department of Labor, under Secretary Hilda Solis' leadership, has been committed to digital literacy.
000 grant for digital literacy training in Stokes County The money came from the Rural Internet Access Authority the group leading the "e-NC Initiative.

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