digital intubation

dig·i·tal in·tu·bation

(dij'i-tăl in'tū-bā'shŭn)
Placement of an endotracheal tube guided by the fingers inserted into the patient's mouth. Fingers are used to locate glottis and guide tube into glottic opening. Used in the prehospital setting when direct visualization through laryngoscope not possible.
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Prior to attempting intubation with an intubating LMA-Fastrach (8), a digital intubation technique in combination with a bougie introducer (SunMed endotracheal tube introducer, SunMed, Largo, FL) was attempted (Figure).
Digital intubation was recently reviewed by Christodoulou, Murphy, and Hung (10), who stated that it can be used as an acceptable alternative to direct laryngoscopy for tracheal intubation when the standard technique is contraindicated, has failed, or is not possible because of an equipment problem.
S3005 Pediatric HAL[R] 5 year-old Pediatric- Oral and nasal digital intubations, site specific heart and lung sounds, electronically conductive skin regions that allow for use of equipment for obtaining and ECG, reactive pupils, palpable pulses, insertion of intraosseous needle
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