digital intubation

dig·i·tal in·tu·bation

(dij'i-tăl in'tū-bā'shŭn)
Placement of an endotracheal tube guided by the fingers inserted into the patient's mouth. Fingers are used to locate glottis and guide tube into glottic opening. Used in the prehospital setting when direct visualization through laryngoscope not possible.
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Digital intubation is a method for airway management in patients with distorted anatomy and cervical or skull fractures wherein movement is undesirable.
In this study 15 anesthesiology and 15 emergency medicine residents received digital intubation training.
The average time required for digital intubation (either success or failure) was 22 seconds.
Although the gold standard for endotracheal intubation is direct laryngoscopy, digital intubation training might be considered as an easy and life-saving adjunction for airway management.
KEY WORDS: Digital intubation, Airway management, Residency program.
Digital intubation is indicated in the deeply comatose patients whose larynx cannot be visualized and who has a contraindication to nasotracheal intubation.
This study was designed to determine whether digital intubation is a valid option for definitive airway control by emergency physicians and anesthesiologists.
In this study 30 trainees, 15 anesthesiology and 15 emergency medicine residents (PGY2 and 3), received 8 hours of instruction in digital intubation, using PowerPoint and video-based training.
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