digital hearing aid

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dig·i·tal hear·ing aid

(dij'i-tăl hēr'ing ād)
Programmable hearing aid that can be customized to the extent of the user's hearing loss.
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Osama Al Hassan, vice-President of UAE's Health Infomatics Society, told Gulf News: "We are partnering with Nuviun because we are convinced that digital technology which is already here will have a dramatic impact on consumer health and this coincides with the vision of the rulers of this country on smart societies integrated with advance digital health care systems."
The Digital Health Enterprise provides a holistic approach to hospital management that uses technology and digitisation to enhance safety, improve hospital care, and enable customised healthcare offerings.
NUKU'ALOFA, TONGA - The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $7.5 million grant, sourced from the Asian Development Fund, to support a nationwide, digital health information system that will improve the quality and reliability of health statistics in Tonga.
The Microsoft Launcher 5.1 beta release comes with a digital health section that tracks your total screen time, number of unlocks, and session lengths, Engadget reported.
OptimizeRx bridges the communication gap between pharma and providers with its digital health messaging platform that is delivered through a nationwide network of leading electronic health record and ePrescribing providers.
"The Digital Health Forward team has an extensive understanding of the current healthcare markets and the software needed to improve productivity and the quality of lives," said Larry Morgan, CEO of TotalABA.
In view of rising dual disease burden in the country and States like Maharashtra, the participants deliberated on Universal Health Care and how to accelerate Public -Private Participation (PPP), Digital Health, Home care and Prevention and Wellness to achieve the set targets.
KARACHI -- Novartis Pharmaceutical in collaboration with Pakistan Digital Health Initiative and National Incubation Center, on Monday organized Pakistan Digital Health Day here.
Karachi -- Novartis Pharmaceutical, in collaboration with Pakistan Digital Health Initiative (PDHI) and National Incubation Center (NIC), organized Pakistan Digital Health Day here in Karachi at NIC.
Over the next three years, the centre will aim to achieve key milestones like the introduction of innovative solutions for home healthcare with a focus on digital primary care, establishing a rich eco-system of digital health partners from start-ups to academia and starting digital health/ informatics/ medicine as a stream for future healthcare workers.