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A receptacle in which anything is confined.
[L. contineo, to hold together]


A receptacle for storing a medical specimen or supplies. Use of sterile disposable containers for collecting specimens is recommended, since contamination of the container may alter the results of the specimen analysis and therefore interfere with the diagnosis.
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The pro900DP digital envelope color press revolutionizes short-run, envelope print jobs with the ability to produce variable data on a wide range of media, including full-color envelopes.
The OKI proColor Series includes the pro810 Series, pro910 and pro930 cut-sheet printers, pro900DP digital envelope press and pro510DW digital web press.
The System creates a tamper-proof digital envelope containing the patient's confidential medical record, signed consent and authorizations, while maintaining a six-year audit trail.
Industry leader continues to push the digital envelope, helps entertainment and corporate customers transform standard digital data
Envelope Courier is a personalized digital envelope that "contains" the customer's unique document.
com is all about best Internet practices and pushing the digital envelope as far as we can," said Richard Landry, Chairman and CEO, Hypermedia Communications, Inc.

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