digital dictation

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dig·i·tal dic·ta·tion

(dij'i-tăl dik-tā'shŭn)
System in which health care professionals' dictation is digitized.
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Marc is a proven CTO with a history of innovation and customer focussed delivery having previously led the tech divisions of enterprise social media platform CrowdControlHQ and BigHand, a groundbreaking Tech Track 100 and Profit Track 100 listed digital dictation and speech recognition pioneer.
Measures have included introducing software called Share Point to keep staff fully informed across the firm's seven sites; a quarterly newsletter to keep staff abreast of the latest news; and internal working groups to involve staff in decision-making in areas such as marketing, digital dictation and social events.
VoiceOver also offers users the ability to choose digital dictation or deferred speech recognition workflows, allowing organizations to choose one reporting solution that fits the needs of all of their users.
* Papworth has integrated its new digital dictation system (DDS) with eMR replacing an old analogue solution as below:
Document Direct, based in Old Hall Street in Liverpool city centre, provides a digital dictation and transcription service for law firms and medical and health centres.
AssistMed's SaaS solutions include Electronic Health Records workflow and clinical documentation solutions, computer assisted coding, digital dictation with speech recognition, transcription, revenue cycle management, and compliance services.
Other enhancements include digital dictation (speech input) in Citrix and RDP sessions, updated Citrix and VMware Horizon View client implementations, and new browser integration for Microsoft Hyper-V VDI, SPICE and Dell/Quest vWorkspace.
Union Hospital's investments in digital dictation and transcription over the years have not only improved its documentation productivity and reduced costs, but have also helped prepare our hospital for the upcoming ICD-10 transition well in advance of the deadline.
The trust's Mobile Digital Dictation Pilot was praised by judges at the event, which provides a forum to share best practice for clinicians and senior healthcare managers.
Using 3G technology, the Mobile Digital Dictation Pilot has allowed NTW's community staff more time to treat service users as the scheme reduces the time clinicians and support staff spend typing documentation.
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