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A proliferative pustular dermatosis of large animals (cattle), most commonly dairy herds, but also sheep, variously linked to a spirochaete-like organism, actinomycetales, Dermatophilus congolensis or a rhizobium. A bacterial aetiology is favoured as the condition often responds to antibiotics
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Risk factors for digital dermatitis in dairy cows kept in cubicle houses in The Netherlands.
Evidence of multiple treponema phylotypes involved in bovine digital dermatitis as shown by 16S rRNA gene analysis and fluorescence in situ hybridization.
"The best thing is seeing the worst case cows walking pain free and clear of digital dermatitis.
Using copper sulphate, peracetic acid or a combination of both in foot bath for the control of digital dermatitis and heel horn erosion in dairy cows.
There are three main causes of lameness: infections of the skin around the hoof such as digital dermatitis and foul in the foot; claw horn problems such as sole ulcers and white line damage; and other conditions such as calving damage or joint problems.
The Milk Development Council is urging dairy farmers to take action against digital dermatitis.
Feet should be hosed clean before stock enters the treatment bath, particularly if cattle have digital dermatitis.
Digital dermatitis is an infectious disease of the bovine foot.
PAINFUL PROBLEM: Digital Dermatitis is one of the most common causes of lameness in housed cattle.
Shearing before the main risk period where possible, dagging around the back end at other times, especially if there is faecal staining and adhesion, careful management of wounds to avoid infection and foot trimming to help control footrot/ovine digital dermatitis which can also attract the blowfly.
The smell was very strong and distinctive and the farmer remarked that it looked and smelt very like Contagious Ovine Digital Dermatitis (CODD) a now common severe foot problem in sheep.
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