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(dī-jĕs′tə-bəl, dĭ-)
Readily or easily digested: digestible meals.

di·gest′i·bil′i·ty n.
di·gest′i·bly adv.
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Q. My aunt suffered from digestive disorder a few months back. My aunt suffered from digestive disorder a few months back. First we were told that this symptom reveal that she is suffering from fibromyalgia. Later another doctor diagnosed her and said that she is not affected by fibromyalgia. So we like to know actually what is fibromyalgia sometimes mistaken for?

A. I have received similar questions from many of my friends so you are not the first person to have such question, so don’t worry. Usually fibromyalgia is initially mistaken for several other conditions, including Lyme disease, lupus, depression and rheumatoid arthritis to name just a few illnesses. Other conditions for which fibromyalgia is occasionally mistaken include digestive disorders, sleep disorders and thyroid problems. Often, it is because the various symptoms of fibromyalgia are so similar to the symptoms of other disorders that many FMS patients do not receive a proper diagnosis for many years. And this is also why it is especially critical to be seen by either a rheumatologist or a pain specialist to ensure a proper diagnosis, and to rule out other conditions.

Q. It feels like I cannot breath properly, my chest feels heavy and Whenever i eats something it gets even more. If i don't eat much i get gases problem. I am regularly having constipation if i don't take proper medicine. Mostly i have been diagnosed as Digestive System problem, stomach problem, dryness in body and no Problem with my breathing system just cause of gases which causes my chest to remain heavy. I am worried because i never gets my real power in breathing and my digestive system is not getting well. Kindly suggest.

A. I take milk regularly have no problem with it nor with any specific food or i have never tried to look at this aspect. However i do feel stomach problem with foods heavy for stomach like burger or too much oily things..

Q. What is the connection between Acid Reflux and Autism? I heard about a digestive issue called Acid reflux. Some people say that this is related to Autism. What is the connection between Acid Reflux and Autism?

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The treatments consisted of five diets (Table 1) and increasing levels of digestible protein (DP) as recommended by National Research Council (NRC, 2011) to meet the nutritional needs of Nile tilapia juveniles.
Egg production: Egg production in layers improved by 5.5% with the addition of azolla meal on digestible protein basis.
Joint feeding of ehpophen antioxidant and toxisorb mycotoxin sorbent causes a veracious increase in growth energy by 10.5% (average per experiment), as compared to the reference group, with the use of 9.5% of forage units and 9.8% of digestible protein per kg of live weight growth.
All the previous studies used high-quality protein sources, and although some studies gave consideration to the "ideal protein ratio" concept, none were formulated on a digestible protein basis.
Further, as most dry herbaceous tissue have much lower concentrations of tannins than leaves and dormant twigs of most northern browse species, reduction in digestible protein from tannins would be much less in senescent forbs (Robbins et al., 1987).
There were differences (P<0.01) for the organic matter digestibility (45.41, 37.38, 60.51, 48.25 and 37.58%), content of digestible energy (2092, 1860, 2378, 1981 and 1388 kcal/kg) and digestible protein (14.97, 12.49, 12.79, 13.90 and 6.74 g/kg) for L.
Except for milking mares, most 600- to 1,200-pound horses need from .75 to 1 pound of digestible protein (DP) daily.
Packed with 33 percent pure digestible protein and rich in iron and vitamin E as well as omega-3 and GLA, hempseed is considered to be one of the most nutritious food sources on the planet.
Company officials say yogurt and other highly * digestible protein sources in Purina One help contribute to pets' healthy digestion and total body health.
Each contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, digestible protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
For example, using 5 tame red deer (Cervus elaphus) in an enclosure planted with 4 treatments of timothy grass differing in stage of growth, Langvatn and Hanley (1993) demonstrated that 90% of the observed variation in patch use could be explained by deer selecting patches on the basis of intake rates of digestible protein.