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Nutritional value of wheat for growing pigs: Chemical composition and digestible energy content.
miletus in a short period of time, and reduced energy intake and digestible energy intake.
After more than four decades of deer research and management, I'm convinced providing natural and cultivated forages rich in digestible energy, along with a supplement (where legal) rich in both digestible energy and modest protein, is sound management practice.
Prediction of gross energy and digestible energy in copra meal, palm kernel meal, and cassava root fed to pigs.
(2000), and contained crude and digestible energy levels of ~17.4 MJ/kg and ~12.5 MJ/kg, respectively.
Intake of dry matter, intake of digestible energy, and digestibility of dry matter, detergent fiber, crude protein, and gross energy were calculated.
(1988) also estimated that winter deer densities in 1988 were 5-7 times greater than those that could be supported based on available digestible energy in woody browse, although they considered their available energy estimates conservative.
There were differences (P<0.01) for the organic matter digestibility (45.41, 37.38, 60.51, 48.25 and 37.58%), content of digestible energy (2092, 1860, 2378, 1981 and 1388 kcal/kg) and digestible protein (14.97, 12.49, 12.79, 13.90 and 6.74 g/kg) for L.
Energy can be measured as digestible energy (DE), metabolizable energy (ME), net energy (NE), and total digestible nutrients (TDN).