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(dī″jes″tĭ-bil′ĭt-ē, dĭ-)
The quantity of food that the body retains after a meal. Mathematically, it is (Mass of food consumed−Mass of stool excreted)/Mass of food consumed.


the proportion of a feed or diet which can be digested by the normal animal of the subject species.

digestibility coefficient
see digestibility coefficient.

Patient discussion about digestibility

Q. My aunt suffered from digestive disorder a few months back. My aunt suffered from digestive disorder a few months back. First we were told that this symptom reveal that she is suffering from fibromyalgia. Later another doctor diagnosed her and said that she is not affected by fibromyalgia. So we like to know actually what is fibromyalgia sometimes mistaken for?

A. I have received similar questions from many of my friends so you are not the first person to have such question, so don’t worry. Usually fibromyalgia is initially mistaken for several other conditions, including Lyme disease, lupus, depression and rheumatoid arthritis to name just a few illnesses. Other conditions for which fibromyalgia is occasionally mistaken include digestive disorders, sleep disorders and thyroid problems. Often, it is because the various symptoms of fibromyalgia are so similar to the symptoms of other disorders that many FMS patients do not receive a proper diagnosis for many years. And this is also why it is especially critical to be seen by either a rheumatologist or a pain specialist to ensure a proper diagnosis, and to rule out other conditions.

Q. It feels like I cannot breath properly, my chest feels heavy and Whenever i eats something it gets even more. If i don't eat much i get gases problem. I am regularly having constipation if i don't take proper medicine. Mostly i have been diagnosed as Digestive System problem, stomach problem, dryness in body and no Problem with my breathing system just cause of gases which causes my chest to remain heavy. I am worried because i never gets my real power in breathing and my digestive system is not getting well. Kindly suggest.

A. I take milk regularly have no problem with it nor with any specific food or i have never tried to look at this aspect. However i do feel stomach problem with foods heavy for stomach like burger or too much oily things..

Q. What is the connection between Acid Reflux and Autism? I heard about a digestive issue called Acid reflux. Some people say that this is related to Autism. What is the connection between Acid Reflux and Autism?

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In addition, the effect of inclusion level on the digestibility and energy value of a saturated or unsaturated lipid might be different.
The scientists intend to determine the role that nano-laminated coating properties would play in the in vitro digestibility and release of lipids, and the impact of the composition and structure of nano-laminated coatings on the bioavailability of encapsulated lipids.
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There is strong evidence that ileal, and not fecal, digestibility is the right parameter for correction of the amino acid score.
An interesting environmental benefit is that because of the high digestibility less nitrogen is excreted by animals fed our products.
Randy Shaver also presented his work on the use of amylase enzymes as a means to help improve fibre digestibility in the cow's ration and enhance starch digestibility so as to provide the cow with more digestible energy.