diffusion constant

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dif·fu·sion co·ef·fi·cient

the mass of material diffusing across a unit area in unit time under a concentration gradient of unity.
Synonym(s): diffusion constant

diffusion constant

a mathematical constant relating to the ability of a substance to spread widely.
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In this model the diffusion constant, D, or more accurately the diffusion coefficient, is assumed constant throughout the decomposition.
The fitting of diffusion constants has the advantage that the values can be compared with measurements made during studies on soil constituents.
The contents of this work are the following: In section 2 we derive the nonlinear Schrodinger equation by extending Nottale-Ord's approach to the case of a fractal Brownian motion with a complex diffusion constant.
Permeability (P) was found using an isostatic test procedure while the diffusion constant (D) was found using the half-time method.
Jud (12) reported that the diffusion constant can be represented by an Arrhenius law of diffusion as defined in Eq.
As the melt cools down, melt properties such as density, Henry's law constant, surface tension, and diffusion constant change.
0] is the diffusion constant, R the universal gas constant, and T the absolute temperature.
Michaels (31) found a relationship between the reduced diffusion constant and the reduced molecular diameter for amorphous polyethylene:
As molecular weight increases the diffusion constant, U, also increases.
y] are diffusion constants of employed and unemployed foragers respectively, and f (r, t) is the food landscape.

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