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Literature on annular diffusers reveals that earlier studies have been carried out either with parallel hub diverging casing and both hub and casing diverging.
re]) of the conventional compressor enabled us to reveal one of the most important features of the vaned diffusers with blow into the boundary layer: their high resistance to initiation of stall modes at deceleration (Tereshchen-ko, Mitrakhovich 1996; Tereshchenko 1979).
The expert panel identified seven different conditions and two different types of diffusers that most likely would be installed in a typical VAV system.
The Micro Diffuser, another model in the Oshadhi line, features an air pump that projects air in a Pyrex nebuliser.
The three teams have dominated the opening two races because the diffusers - an under-car device that channels the flow of air from the front to rear - help create greater downforce through corners.
The case centres around the conceptual design of the diffuser - an aerodynamic body part that aids performance - at the rear of the cars belonging to the three defendants.
That's not as simple as just bolting on a new diffuser, and it could take them several weeks to make it work.
The diffusers, which are put on the underbody of the cars, make them more aerodynamic -- and the Ferrari, Renault and Red Bull teams have claimed they are contrary to the rules.
A number of experimental and numerical studies have been carried out on simple diffusers [1-3].
Developed using a polymer-based diffusion compound formulated for polycarbonate, acrylic, and other clear plastics, the new masterbatches provide greater light transmission than traditional mineral-based light diffusers.
Bernard[R] offers conversion adapters and gas diffusers that fit its Centerfire[TM] contact tips and nozzles to all major MIG gun brands.