diffuse peritonitis

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gen·er·al per·i·to·ni·tis

peritonitis throughout the peritoneal cavity.
Synonym(s): diffuse peritonitis
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diffuse peritonitis

Peritonitis that is widespread, involving most of the peritoneum. Synonym: generalized peritonitis
See also: peritonitis
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Ten patients of necrotizing pancreatitis causing diffuse peritonitis were present.
Our case presented with the unusual features of both diffuse peritonitis and NF.
Shurkalin, 1989, in 232 patients with diffuse peritonitis applied planned relaparotomy in 34 (8.79%), and laparostomy--in 18 (7.76%).
Perforation of pyometra leading to diffuse peritonitis is not necessarily iatrogenic.
In group B one complete transection of the common hepatic duct and one diffuse peritonitis after T-tube removal required operative treatment.
[4,5] Therefore, the study of pre and post-operative continuous peritoneal lavage with antibiotic solution deserves further clinical trial to establish its role as an adjunctive lifesaving measure in diffuse peritonitis. It has been advocated that morbidity and mortality associated with peritonitis can further be reduced if irrigation of peritoneal cavity is continued in pre and post-operative phase using antibiotic thereby removing the debris, bacteria and other noxious agents and directly attacking bacteria which is not possible to achieve by systemic administration safely.
"Prognostic factors in diffuse peritonitis," Langenbecks-Arch-Chir., Vol.377, No2, pp.89-93.
(2) Pneumoperitoneum has been shown to be an indicator of diffuse peritonitis, constituting a bad prognostic factor, (4) and there is an increased risk of postoperative complications in cases of perforation.
* Diffuse peritonitis. Infectious peritonitis causes a chemical inflammatory burn to the peritoneum lining.
Patients typically present with sudden, severe progressive epigastric pain, with vomiting and fever supplemented by abdominal guarding/rigidity indicative of diffuse peritonitis. [1] There is free air under the diaphragm on an erect chest radiograph.

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