diffuse goiter

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dif·fuse goi·ter

goiter in which the morbid process involves the whole gland, as opposed to nodular goiter or thyroid adenoma.
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diffuse goiter

A goiter in which the thyroid tissue is diffuse, in contrast to its nodular form as in adenomatous goiter.
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Table- 1 shows that visible diffuse goiter was seen more commonly (77%).
If the underlying cause of hyperthyroidism is not established on the basis of clinical findings (eg, diffuse goiter, myxedema, ophthalmopathy), order a 24-hour radioactive iodine (RAI) uptake test.
The most remarkable physical findings were a regular pulse of 120 beats per minute, palpable diffuse goiter with palpable right thyroid nodule, exophthalmic measurement OD of 18 and OS of 20, lid lag and hypereflexia.
All of the cases diagnosed with grade 1 goiter were diagnosed as euthyroid diffuse goiter after clinical evaluation and thyroid USG performed.
The background adjustment factors were outcome-specific and included sex, age at examination (10-14, 15-19, 20-24, [greater than or equal to] 25 years), oblast (an administrative subdivision similar to a state or province) of residency at examination, rural or urban residency at examination, self-reported current cigarette smoking, self-reported current vitamin consumption, self-reported history of any thyroid disease in parents or siblings, year and season of examination, level of urinary iodine (< 20, 20-49, 50-99, [greater than or equal to] 100 [micro]g/L, or unknown), presence of diffuse goiter based on thyroid palpation, ATPO and ATG concentrations ([less than or equal to] 60, > 60 U/mL).
(1) Multinodular goiter is the most common diagnosis in cases of euthyroid goiter, but other conditions such as diffuse goiter (often idiopathic), thyroiditis, and neoplasms can also present in a euthyroid state.
It is painless firm diffuse goiter. Silent Thyroiditis may be confused with post partum Grave's disease.
In 11 younger patients, hyperthyroidism was caused by diffuse goiter (suggesting Graves' disease) and in seven older patients by nodular goiter.
It also rose with younger age at exposure, and females were at a slightly increased risk over males, as were people with benign thyroid conditions such as diffuse goiter. However, none of these differences were statistically significant.
In addition, data were cross-classified by the following categorical variables reflecting status at the time of the first screening examination: oblasr of residence (Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Chernihiv), type of residence (urban/ rural), smoking status (yes/no), family history of thyroid disease (yes/no), presence of diffuse goiter on palpation (yes/no), and ultrasound-detected nodules (yes/no).
Children present with diffuse goiters, while adults present with nodular goiters.

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