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Whenever a thread acting as a prism processor diffracts a message, it doubles its spin time, since this indicates a high load.
Thus, if one could have pairs of tokens collide and then diffract in a coordinated manner one to the left and one to the right, both could leave the balancer without ever having to toggle the shared bit.
This gives any processor that might have read p's PID from prism time to diffract p.
Notice that before accessing the toggle bit or trying to diffract, p clears location[p] using a compare-and-swap operation.
The discovery in 1912 that crystals could diffract x-rays discretely implied either their periodicity or quasiperiodicity.
While periodic and quasiperiodic structures always give discrete diffraction, what other kinds of aperiodic structures diffract (39)?
Scientists have shown that, under certain conditions, they can diffract beams of atoms almost as if they were rays of light.
They demonstrated that a single crystal diffracts electrons in much the same way that it diffracts X rays to create a characteristic pattern of beam intensities.
To produce a hologram, two beams of light overlap in a substance that diffracts light, Meerholz explains.
Under the influence of an electric field, charge carriers moving within the new polymer create light and dark regions, based on how the material diffracts light.
Some of the most breath-taking butterfly colors -- the brilliant and iridescent blues and greens -- emerge from the way light diffracts, refracts and scatters from the layers, lattices and ribbed walls of the scales, Ghiradella points out.