diffraction grating

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dif·frac·tion grat·ing

(di-frak'shŭn grāt'ing),
A variety of filter composed of lined grooves in a thin layer of aluminum-copper alloy on a glass surface; used in spectrophotometers to disperse light into a spectrum. See: monochromator.
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diffraction grating

The device in a spectrophotometer that disperses white light into the colors (wavelengths) of the electromagnetic spectrum, using multiple lines precisely etched into an optically aligned material such as a specialized mirror or metal plate.
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Deviation of the direction of propagation of a beam of light, which occurs when the light passes the edge of an obstacle such as a diaphragm, the pupil of the eye or a spectacle frame. There are two consequences of this phenomenon. First, the image of a point source cannot be a point image but a diffraction pattern. This pattern depends upon the shape and size of the diaphragm as well as the wavelength of light. Second, a system of close, parallel and equidistant grooves, slits or lines ruled on a polished surface can produce a light spectrum by diffraction. This is called a diffraction grating. See Airy's disc; diffraction fringes; Maurice's theory.
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Crown's special effects and holographic and diffraction grating labels are over-printable, over-coatable and can be hot stamped, cold stamped or laminated.
Blazed diffraction gratings are a core component used within spectrometer and monochromator instrumentation at SLAC and many other synchrotron and free electron laser facilities around the world.
The diffraction gratings were characterized by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM, Agilent 5500 LS in tapping mode) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (FEGSEM, FEI Novanano SEM 200).
These aberrations are corrected by the diffraction grating, meaning the entire wide field of view is crisp from one edge to the other.
Both lenses and diffraction gratings bend light at different wavelengths to different extents, what scientists call "chromatic aberration," that can be overcome in conventional optics through use of a series of lenses that correct for that.
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In general, diffraction gratings with a lamellar configuration consist of a periodically varying boundary of the period P between two different media with refractive indices [n.sub.0] and [n.sub.i] as illustrated in Figure 1, where filling factor F, depth D, wavelength [lambda] and incident angle [[theta].sub.i] and [[theta].sub.m] the mth order diffraction angle, respectively.
They are made by holographic recording in a photopolymerization induced phase separation process (PIPS) in which the liquid crystal molecules diffuse to dark zones in the diffraction grating where they can be oriented by means of an electric field.
Kyoto, Japan, Oct 15, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - On October 16, Shimadzu Corporation will launch the new customizable 'LA series' of planar diffraction gratings for laser systems.
Axion's research centred on developing an automatic process, which uses diffraction gratings to identify and separate PP that has been in contact with food from that which has not.
At a glance, the diffraction gratings resemble compacts, or pill boxes, coated in gold substrate.