diffraction grating

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dif·frac·tion grat·ing

(di-frak'shŭn grāt'ing),
A variety of filter composed of lined grooves in a thin layer of aluminum-copper alloy on a glass surface; used in spectrophotometers to disperse light into a spectrum. See: monochromator.
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diffraction grating

The device in a spectrophotometer that disperses white light into the colors (wavelengths) of the electromagnetic spectrum, using multiple lines precisely etched into an optically aligned material such as a specialized mirror or metal plate.
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Deviation of the direction of propagation of a beam of light, which occurs when the light passes the edge of an obstacle such as a diaphragm, the pupil of the eye or a spectacle frame. There are two consequences of this phenomenon. First, the image of a point source cannot be a point image but a diffraction pattern. This pattern depends upon the shape and size of the diaphragm as well as the wavelength of light. Second, a system of close, parallel and equidistant grooves, slits or lines ruled on a polished surface can produce a light spectrum by diffraction. This is called a diffraction grating. See Airy's disc; diffraction fringes; Maurice's theory.
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Edmund Scientific offers a wide range of diffraction gratings. Selecting one with a large number of grooves per millimeter (gr/mm) produces a spectrum with significant dispersion and resolution.
His diffraction grating attracted scant notice in Europe.
Chang and McDaniel calculate that with a smaller-spaced diffraction grating or a more energetic electron beam, scientists could use the same phenomenon to make a compact X-ray laser.
Crown manufacturers standard hot stamping products, golds, silvers, metallic colors, pigments, special effects (multi-colored print patterns), as well as holographic images and diffraction gratings. All of our products are available both in the form of hot stamp film transfers and in the form of film laminates.
This software, combined with a simple diffraction grating and a digital camera, allows users to record and analyze the spectra of bright stars to reveal which elements are present in these distant suns.
The optically tunable diffraction grating can be used for beam control and wide-range spectral scanning applications [7-9].
Two cases can be distinguished: solar cell only, where the diffraction grating is obliterated by a plate to prevent its actions, and solar cell with diffraction grating where the grating is no longer obliterated and can diffract the light.
Diffraction grating spectroscopes are easy to make using small pieces of plastic diffraction grating.
In the respective device the role of diffraction grating (crystal lattice) mentioned in [1] is played by a graphite foil with interatomic spacing a and D as distance between crystalline foil and observational screen.
Diffraction grating also is used in optical communication, polarizing LED [12,13], polarization imaging [14], and other fields.
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They are made by holographic recording in a photopolymerization induced phase separation process (PIPS) in which the liquid crystal molecules diffuse to dark zones in the diffraction grating where they can be oriented by means of an electric field.