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Having a different character or function from the surrounding structures or from the original type; said of tissues, cells, or portions of the cytoplasm.
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laevis (4,24,25), but treatment with estradiol masculinizes already differentiated female tadpole ovaries (24).
In only 4 of these were focal, better differentiated areas of follicular or papillary carcinoma identified.
Average number of liters of media used to culture stem cell-derived differentiated cells
Routine ultrastructural examination disclosed that the raised areas of the cell cultures displayed the stratification expected of differentiated urothelial cells.
Virage Logic's broad portfolio of highly differentiated semiconductor IP has been designed to meet the critical requirements of reducing design time, silicon area and design risk; while boosting performance and enhancing manufacturing yields.
We report a rare case of moderately differentiated neuroendocrine carcinoma of the larynx.
Novelics, a memory IP provider for versatile and differentiated memory IPs, today announced its entry in the IP market, with the specific focus of providing low power memory blocks to be used by fabless semiconductor, SOCs, ASSP, and ASIC designers.
Advanced IP Networks" describes the techniques such as RSVP, Diffserv and MPLS that are used to offer a differentiated quality of service over an IP network.
To the researchers' and BioE's best knowledge, this is the first time human stem cells -- from any source -- have differentiated into type II alveolar cells, the type of epithelial cells that help stabilize the lung's air sacs during breathing.
Both new and existing customers will have a differentiated service to offer their customers and the best cost structure under contract since our delivery prices will be based on optimal routing, planning and driver scorecarding tools.
Service providers deploy Compleat SDGs directly into their networks to enable delivery of high value differentiated services.
As a provider of hosted telephony services to many organizations in healthcare and telecom, we selected LignUp for the platform's capabilities to create differentiated applications," said Ben Carrasco, CEO at DigitalRealm.

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