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Having a different character or function from the surrounding structures or from the original type; said of tissues, cells, or portions of the cytoplasm.
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Visit to country after 6 months of data collection to review progress on differentiated care service
Flexibility is the hallmark of a differentiated classroom (Tomlinson, 1999, p.
How will the current emphasis on the same curricular elements for both the basic or regular curriculum for general education and the differentiated curriculum for gifted students coexist?
However, the focus of the book is on tiered instruction, explored in more depth in Chapter 4, which addresses the differentiated instructional strategies component of the CIRCLE MAP.
The most common sites of metastatic spread of poorly differentiated or small-cell neuroendocrine carcinoma are the regional cervical lymph nodes, liver, lung, and bone.
Each stem cell line will have the genetic specificity of the lost embryo from which it came, not that of the recipient who might need its differentiated progeny.
Taken together with other evidence, it seems that the entire genome is conserved even in differentiated cells, and that it is possible to reprogram a cell to express genes that it previously did not express.
Many of these studies have been on differentiated thyroid carcinoma, dividing these simply into papillary and follicular types.
Oligopolies can have either standard (homogeneous) or differentiated products.
In this article, the authors present an integrative review of the evaluation research on differentiated nursing practice.

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