differential leukocyte count

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differential leukocyte count


exhibiting or depending on a difference.

differential absorption
see differential absorption.
differential cell count
see differential count.
differential diagnosis
the differences between diseases in terms of clinical signs and epidemiological parameters; used as a basis for selecting as a diagnosis the one with the best fit to those seen in the subject.
differential leukocyte count
see differential count.
differential milk cell counts
count of cells in a milk sample including individual counts of somatic cells and individual leukocyte types.
differential thromboplastin time
used in differentiating the cause of hemophilia. Reagents containing either factor VIII or factor IX are added in the partial thromboplastin time test to demonstrate which factor corrects the prolonged clotting time.
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Changes in the differential leukocyte count in newly hatched chicks following in ovo ghrelin administration.
Table-1: Effect of Thymoquinone on total and differential leukocyte count (TLC and DLC) in blood of prisaine-induced arthritic rats (n=8) (meanstandard deviation).
Differential leukocyte counts determined in chicken blood using the Cell-Dyn 3500.
The routine differential leukocyte count vs automated differential counts.
The present study has shown that administration of colchicine resulted in reduction of differential leukocyte count (DLC) and total leukocyte count (TLC).
Differential leukocyte count is another investigation which can be helpful for diagnosis.
Haemoglobin level, packed cell volume, total leukocyte count, differential leukocyte count and total blood serum protein were studied for the positive animals.
The present study ascertains the effect of a number of cigarettes smoked on the differential leukocyte count.
The peripheral smear slide was examined for the differential leukocyte count & red blood cell morphology and retic slide for reticulocyte count.
Differential leukocyte count revealed that lymphocytes were the predominant leukocytes (50.

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