differential growth

dif·fer·en·tial growth

different rates of growth in associated tissues or structures; used especially in embryology when the differences in growth rates result in changing the original proportions or relations.
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As a result of differential growth rates, domestic demand for imports is growing more quickly than demand for US exports in overseas markets.
* Accelerating its differential growth platforms, including Haagen-Dazs ice cream, snack bars, Old El Paso Mexican food, and its portfolio of natural and organic brands.
General Mills is pursuing its Consumer First strategy and executing against its global growth framework to drive consistent topline growth: 1) competing effectively through strong innovation, effective consumer marketing, and excellent in-store execution; 2) accelerating growth on its four differential growth platforms including Haagen-Dazs ice cream, snack bars, Old El Paso Mexican food, and its portfolio of natural and organic food brands; and 3) reshaping its portfolio through growth-enhancing acquisitions and divestitures, including the acquisition of Blue Buffalo, the leading brand in the fast-growing wholesome natural pet food category in the U.S.
"This suggests that it was the OxyContin reformulation, not other policies broadly affecting opioids, that drove much of the differential growth."
First, there was a general philosophy, which Appel refers to as "growth delivered," which meant moving IRI and the industry from "concepts of insights, developing a view on what had occurred, historical analytics, an analysis on what was driving changes in performance, to a set of recommended actions off of data and technology that would drive differential growth for its clients.
Request Free Sample Report- https://www.factmr.com/connectus/sample?flag=S&rep_id=591 "Manufacturers continue to emphasize product innovations as part of their differential growth strategies.
At birth, the appendix is short and broad at its junction with the caecum, but differential growth of the caecum produces the typical tubular (appendix) structure at its posteromedial portion by the age of 2 years.
Behind these results are the differential growth rates of GDP and compensation for the U.S.
The differential growth of the small, medium, and large volume hospitals in New York State is graphed in Figure 2.
Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.), ranked as a medium salt-sensitive species, is grown in Spring and Autumn seasons in the subcontinent, with differential growth behaviors in both the seasons.
"If this differential growth carries on unchecked, then girls born this year will be 75% more likely to go to university than their male peers," said Ms Curnock Cook.

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