differential force

differential force,

n a term sometimes used to describe the design and application of an orthodontic appliance to distribute the reciprocal forces of the appliance over significantly different root areas with the objective of eliciting a differential response.
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Finally, the total force acting on flute j can readily be obtained by integrating these differential force components along the z-axis.
The differential forces in the x and y directions can be obtained by coordinate transformation of the differential forces in the tangential and radial directions as follows:
A theoretical note on global homogenization, its political potential and differential force in the socionatural system of global technoscience and local cultures, concludes this contribution.
For accurate pressure control, servo-pneumatic systems use inputs from pressure sensors on both the rod end and the closed end of the pneumatic cylinder to calculate the differential force.
The new controller includes: a quadrature encoder interface, from the Q1 module, to control motors and linear actuators; a 16-bit analog interface, from the H1 module, allowing analog transducer feedback for high-resolution and seamless transfer from position, pressure, or differential force control; control of devices using Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) from the S1 module, providing compatible feedback, increased noise immunity, and higher resolutions (to 2[degrees] [mu] or 0.
Furthermore, to address the second component of Sniderman and Piazza's treatment of the new racism thesis, I know of no survey-based research suggesting that this new racism operates with special or differential force among ideological conservatives.
Since the talus endures a lot of differential forces during locomotion, the stress patterns across the talus influence its overall dimensions.
To that end, Widder treats several of the key themes in poststructuralist French philosophy, in particular the notion that identity is an "illusion" produced by the interplay of differential forces working in a "micro" realm, and the construction of sense via its interplay with nonsense.

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