differential display

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differential display

the use of RT-PCR-based technologies to amplify mRNA from specific cells or tissues and then to compare them directly with amplified mRNA from another cell or tissue.
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dif·fer·en·tial dis·play

(dif'ĕr-en'shăl dis-plā')
Use of reverse transcriptase and polymerase chain reaction technologies to amplify mRNA from specific cells or tissues and then to compare them directly with amplified mRNA from another cell or tissue.
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differential display



A gene-screening technique used to analyze the ways in which different types of messenger RNA are expressed in organisms.
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The products of reverse transcription (cDNA) were detected with ultraviolet spectrophotometer, diluted to 1ug/uL and stored at -20degC for using as template for differential display PCR amplifications.
Dozier, "Identification of cold acclimated genes in leaves of Citrus unshiu by mRNA differential display," Gene, vol.
Traditional approaches to identify and quantify genomic expression include mRNA microarrays [19], expressed sequence tags (EST) [20], serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) [21], subtractive cloning for differential display (DD) [22] on mRNA, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis [23], mass spectrometry [24], protein microarray based antibody-binding for protein [25], single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) microarray [26], and DNA-seq (whole genomics sequence and whole exome sequence) 27] for DNA.
TABLE 1: Oligonucleotides used in the differential display reaction.
Liu and Baird (2004) identified from Helianthus annuus (asteraceae) a gene, HaABRC5, reported to be upregulated in response to drought, salinity, and abscisic acid, using the same technique (differential display of mRNA transcripts).
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Three new osmotic stress-regulated cDNAs identified by differential display polymerase chain reaction in rapeseed leaf discs.
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The GeneExpress 2000 data warehouse integrates gene expression data generated using a variety of platforms (Affymetrix, Inc.'s human, mouse and rat GeneChip(R) microarrays, Gene Logic's proprietary READS(TM) differential display technology, cDNA microarrays, and single gene quantitative PCR), with comprehensive information on samples, clinical profiles and rich gene annotations.
Through a molecular approach called differential display analysis, Hendrix's team identified the gene lysyl oxidase and a zinc finger transcription factor in highly aggressive breast cancer cells that spread.
The technique of Differential Display was used to examine gene expression in both tolerant and sensitive cultivars.

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