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The magnitude or degree by which one quality or quantity differs from another of the same kind.
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Degree of variation found in the comparison of two similar items.
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Patient discussion about difference

Q. Is there any difference in sugar. Is there any difference in sugar between flavored milk and fruit drinks or carbonated soft drinks?

A. Yes …Flavored milk contains both natural and added sugars and has less added sugar than carbonated soft drinks. It has been found that flavored milk just contributes only 2-4 % of total added sugar in kid’s diets as compared to 50-60 percent or more by soft and fruit drinks.

Q. Are there any different exercises I would have to do? I’m due any day now (hopefully). I am 23 years old and am 39w 5d with my first child and I used to be 5'7 160. I am now 5'7 208: I wanted to know from the people on this site if they have any diet/exercise tips on me trying to get myself physically fit again. I dream to work for FDNY as an EMT next year so being physically fit is a strong requirement to be hired. Are there any different exercises I would have to do?

A. congratulations!!!
it does sounds like your baby is a big one and might need a c-section. in that case here is some info about exercising after a c-section:

if it won't be in a c-section, here is an article about that:

Q. How are cancer cells similar to normal cells, and how are they different? I know that a similarity would be cells regenerate, and a difference would be cancer cells grow uncontrollably. Is there anything else?

A. I learned a lot of new things from the answers. Thanks.

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(...) Denominativa vero dicuntur quaecumque ab aliquo, solo differentia casu, secundum nomen habent appellationem, ut a grammaticagrammaticus et a fortitudinefortis>>.
In contrast, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is commonly used to refer to certain beasts and is, anyway, an obvious differentia. (41) However, it fails to pick out a genuine kind of animals.
Here lies the greatest strength of this text, since practitioners will use a symptom-led approach to differentia diagnosis when dealing with real patients, as opposed to identifying the features of a disease with which a patient presents.
* Developing a diverse set of skills and experiences, combined with a strong base of personal and professional integrity, is the key differentia ator for CGMAs, bringing long-term success to their organisation, as well as to their own careers.
(8) <<Respondo primo, negando sequelam: nam rationale, prout est differentia hominis, denotat eum non utcumque, sed per se esse discursivum; at Angelos non est nisi per accidens discursivos, quod sufficit, ut non dicatur eadem Angeli & hominis differentia.
Karl Marx provided a differentia specifica for capitalism: People sell their labouring-power to a buyer, not to satisfy the personal needs of the buyer, but to augment the buyer's Capital.
We could call the former "legitimate connection," or "identity," and the latter "excess meaning" or "differentia." When we accept the former, there is always the temptation for us to take the latter as part of the package, as indicated by the proverb, "Love me, love my dog." The point is that differentia is a crucial resource for ideologues, demagogues, and other symbol mongers.
In order to do this, first we defined the largest category of judicial liability and then tried to reveal the differentia specifica of the above mentioned tort liability.
Reductions are tempting, but they also risk blurring differentia specifica.