difference limen

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difference limen

the smallest change in intensity or frequency of a tone that can be detected.
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dif·fer·ence li·men

(dif'ĕr-ĕns lī'men)
A barely noticeable change in the intensity or frequency of a stimulus.
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(li'men) (lim'i-na) plural.limina [L. limen, threshold]
Entrance; threshold.

difference limen

Just noticeable difference.

limen nasi

The boundary line between the bony and cartilaginous portion of the nasal cavity. It is also at this point that the nasal cavity proper and the vestibule of the nose meet.

limen of insula

The portion of the cortex of the brain that provides a threshold to the insula. The middle cerebral artery passes over this threshold to extend to the insula.
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