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Nutritionist A health professional with specialized training in diet and nutrition
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, dietician (dī-ĕ-tĭsh′ăn) [Gr. diaita, way of living]
An individual whose training and experience are in the area of nutrition and who has the ability to apply that information to the dietary needs of the healthy and sick.

registered dietitian

Abbreviation: RD
A specialist in dietetics who has met the requirements for certification stipulated by the American Dietetic Association.
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A person trained in DIETETICS.
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Q. Any dietitians here? Please tell me what are the different types of fatty acids available?

A. i'm not a dietitian either but i love reading about nutrition. so i can tell you that here are 2 families of essential fatty acids (fatty acids that our body cannot create by it's on).
here is the wikipedia entry about them :

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No one takes issue with the assertion that dieticians have a far higher level of professional qualification but to refer to nutritionists in such a dismissive and disparaging manner is simply crass.
Sue Baic, a dietician, nutritionist and spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association, said that to abandon five-a-day would be a "dangerous" step.
The IgA tissue transglutaminase assay, in contrast, correlated less with the dietician's evaluation, at 0.647.
AWARD: Dietician Lisa Green and her baby daughter Elena Mae (s)
A survey of dieticians taken by NBWA at the 2004 ADA convention revealed that 64% are questioned by their patients about alcohol consumption.
After graduation, she got a job as a dietician with the NHS.
Obese people in the North-East can't receive help to lose weight because of a lack of dieticians, a study has revealed.
Althea Zanecosky, a registered dietician and a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, recommends staying away from sugar "treats," which can cause blood glucose to rise sharply and dip quickly, bringing on fatigue.
Like a good mechanic, a VA dietician can help you keep your engine running smoothly for years to come.
are dieticians. I am not a dietician but I implore those looking for help to look in the right place for the right type of help.
All clinical dieticians and dietician technicians working in the private sector must now obtain a licence from the SCH.
"Nutrition and proper diet are so important to the HIV-positive person that experts recommend that HIV care programs employ a registered dietician or have a dietician available for referral--one with an expertise in HIV and AIDS.