diethylene glycol

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di·eth·yl·ene gly·col

(dī-eth'il-ēn glī'kōl),
An organic solvent chemically related to ethylene glycol. On metabolic conversion it becomes oxalic acid, which is toxic to the kidney. A sweet, viscous liquid that was used to make the infamous elixir of sulfanilamide that proved fatal to over 100 children in 1937, leading to the mandate to the FDA to monitor drug safety.
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The concentration of the therapeutic compound in the microreservoir droplets is between 4070% by weight of the saturation concentration, wherein the amphiphilic solvent is diethylene glycol monoethyl ether.
The next step was adding 9% diethylene glycol (DEG) to the resin and then repeating the test to see if there would be a difference.
Richard Brooks, from the county's trading standards team, said: "The recent discovery of fake tubes of Sensodyne toothpaste, with no active ingredient and contaminated with toxic levels of diethylene glycol, on sale at car boots in the UK, is also a reminder that counterfeit goods can also be of poor quality and unsafe, thus putting consumers at risk."
All the tubes of fake Sensodyne contaminated with toxic levels of diethylene glycol should be thrown away.
Diethylene glycol is usually used in antifreeze but can be used to thicken toothpastes as a cheap alternative to glycerine.
The New York Times reported on the weekend that the Taixing Glycerine Factory in eastern China's Jiangsu province had passed off cheap diethylene glycol as glycerin, an additive in many medicines and foods.
The firm's production permit has been revoked, the reports said, adding the company apparently used much cheaper diethylene glycol instead of propylene glycol in making the drugs.
Ethylene glycol will undergo a list price increase of $0.06 per pound in North America and diethylene glycol will undergo a list and off-list price increase of $0.03 per pound in North America.
On the other hand, the diethylene glycol scandal in Germany, if overblown, was giving winegrowers there fits.
Table 1 - formulation used in the effect of alkoxyl groups, effect of amounts and curing behavior Ingredient Parts NR 50 SBR (Zeon NS116) 50 Silica (Nipsil AQ) 50 Diethylene glycol 2 Zinc oxide 3 Stearic acid 1 Antioxidant (6C) 1 Sulfur 1.70 DPG accelerator 1 CBS accelerator 0.50 Silane coupling agent (Si69) 2.5 or 5.0 Alkoxy polysiloxane 2.5 - 5.0 Table 2 - formulated used in the effect of conversion Ingredient Parts SBR (SBR 1500) 100 Silica (Nipsil AQ) 40 Diethylene glycol 2 Zinc oxide 3 Stearic acid 1 Antioxidant (6C) 1 Sulfur 1.7 DPG accelerator 1 CBS accelerator 0.5 Silane coupling agent (Si69) 2 Alkoxy polysiloxane 2
This report summarizes the preliminary findings of this ongoing investigation, which indicate that this outbreak was associated with diethylene glycol (DEG)-contaminated glycerin used to manufacture acetaminophen syrup.
Shrinking profit margins are promoting a shift from the older phthalic anhydride process to dicyclopentadiene (DCPD), since the latter process permits the use of lower cost ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol. However, DCPD-based resins are more difficult to formulate and require greater technical competence.