diethyl ether

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di·eth·yl e·ther

a flammable, volatile organic solvent formerly widely used in surgical procedures; was used as an inhalation anesthetic; shortcomings include irritating vapor, slow onset and prolonged recovery phases, explosion hazard.
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In the first case, ethanolic extracts were mixed with equal volume of distilled water and extracted on mechanical shaker for 2 h twice with an equal volume of diethyl ether. The diethyl ether and ethanol phases were separated by centrifugation, evaporated to dryness and re-suspended in 80% of ethanol keeping the same concentration as with the initial ethanolic extract (1 g fresh weight of tissues/5 mL of 80% ethanol).
In this way chloroform extract (A), diethyl ether extract (B), aqueous extract basified to pH 9 (D), and aqueous extract basified to pH 11,5 (E) were obtained.
There are seven combinations types of mobile phase (hexane: ethyl acetate: methanol, chloroform: methanol: hexane, chloroform: methanol: water, ethyl acetate: methanol: hexane, diethyl ether: hexane, diethyl ether: hexane: methanol; and acetone: methanol: water).
CSCs were obtained as beige powders after the floccules were washed with anhydrous diethyl ether and then dried.
In order to check the presence of other lipids, another HPTLC plate was developed with solvent system mixture of chloroform, diethyl ether (9:1, v/v).
The obtained mixture was filtered and solvent was evaporated, and then the resultant precipitate was dissolved in dichloromethane (100 mL) and precipitated in diethyl ether at 0[degrees]C.
Morland, "Reduced synthesis of hepatic and plasma proteins in rats during diethyl ether anaesthesia," Acta Pharmacologica et Toxicologica, vol.
It was reported that hexane and diethyl ether extracts of blackstrap molasses contained a large variety of compounds.
Diethyl ether (2 x 20 [cm.sup.3]) was used to slurry the yellow residue and was also removed under reduced pressure to ensure complete removal of THF.
Relative control treatments corresponded to the pertinent solvents (water, methanol and diethyl ether).
15 [micro]L of this mixture is spotted on TLC treated with Petroleum ether: Diethyl ether: Acetic acid (70:30:1) mobile phase.
Aspirin ingredients are diverted into heroin production (32,000 tonnes of acetic anhydride were seized in 2007); birthing blood clotters such as ergometrine double as LSD; even the anaesthetic diethyl ether gets diverted into cocaine production.