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A compound containing two ethyl radicals.
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Investigation on the effect of diethyl ether additive on the performance of variable compression ratio diesel engine, IJER, 3(1): 11-15.
In 2011, diethyl acetal was only present in FC/T2, while geraniol increased with crop reduction.
Toxicological profile of diethyl phthalate: a vehicle for fragrance and cosmetic ingredients.
Large scale: On the basis of the comparison of different solvents at small scale, n-hexane : diethyl ether (1:1) mixture was found to be the best solvent system therefore, the large scale extraction was carried out with this solvent system.
These include 4-ethenyl cyclohexene, diethyl carbonate, dibutyl sulfide and 2,6-dimethyl naphthalene.
Walt and his team adapted their array system to become a chemical "switch" in response to the nerve-agent analog diethyl chlorophosphate (DCP).
Replacement of diethyl ether by toluene significantly accelerates the reaction with alkoxysilanes, while no effect was found for the reaction with chlorosilanes [4-6].
Benzene, diethyl ether, ethanol, n-hexane, dimethyl ketone and water were used as solvents at liquefaction of kerogen-70.
Dimethyl isophthalate and diethyl isophthalate are representatives of the isophthalic acid esters.
petroleum ether (alternatives: hexanes, pentane, or diethyl ether)