dietary assessment

di·e·tar·y as·sess·ment

(dīĕ-tar-ē ă-sesmĕnt)
Division of a dietary food record into individual components of the Food Guide Pyramid; assessment of quality, of whether the patient has an adequate diet, and of where modifications in that diet may be needed.
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The ultimate output from A-DIET will be a dietary assessment tool which can be used to obtain an accurate assessment of dietary intake by combining dietary and biomarker data which in turn will allow investigations into relationships between diet, health and disease.
By using this detailed dietary assessment with a food diary, we were able to study several different types of sugary beverages as well as artificially sweetened beverages - such as diet soft drinks - and fruit juice, and to examine what would happen if water, unsweetened tea or coffee or artificially sweetened beverages were substituted for sugary drinks," states study leader Dr.
The plan also helps customers with their personal, day-to-day health requirements by offering a complimentary dietary assessment and lifestyle counselling sessions, at reputed fitness centres across in the country.
The plan also works on addressing personal, day-to-day requirements for customers, where it offers a complimentary dietary assessment and lifestyle counseling sessions at reputed Fitness Centres in the country, to help manage the customer's lifestyle needs.
The benefit includes screening for obesity by measuring body mass index, conducting a dietary assessment, and providing counseling and therapy to promote sustained weight loss.
Diet was assessed at baseline with a 7 day diary and average daily nutrient intake was calculated using the in house dietary assessment software DINER (Data into Nutrients for Epidemiological Research).
Included in the coverage are screening for obesity using BMI, dietary assessment, and intensive behavioral counseling and therapy to promote sustained weight loss via diet and exercise interventions.
Free dietary consultation and dietary assessment tests were also conducted for the participants.
Having a dietary assessment is definitely a good idea.
FHF programs feature a thorough medical assessment, dietary assessment and counselling, a Functional Movement Screen, corrective exercise, strength training and cardiovascular fitness training, delivered in a convenient, sustainable way.
Topics include dietary assessment of athletes, anthropometric assessment, physical activity needs assessment, and biochemical and clinical assessment.

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