dietary assessment

di·e·tar·y as·sess·ment

(dīĕ-tar-ē ă-sesmĕnt)
Division of a dietary food record into individual components of the Food Guide Pyramid; assessment of quality, of whether the patient has an adequate diet, and of where modifications in that diet may be needed.
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Hence, after calculating the dietary assessment of the current vegetable samples it can be suggested that okra and eggplant can be consumed without any hesitation.
Food intake was converted to nutrient intake using an adapted Total Dietary Assessment (TDA) software [9].
While food frequency questionnaires (FFQs) were the main dietary assessment method used, only 35% were validated.
Dietary assessment prior to the evaluation of dietary quality was also heterogeneous: the studies used different dietary surveys (24-hour recall, direct food weighing, food records and food history) to analyze single or average values.
Chief Health Officer Hugh Heggie said neither study was intended to provide a comprehensive dietary assessment for aquatic seafood in Darwin waterways, but rather to increase the broader understanding of the extent of PFAS contamination in the Darwin waterways and to assist in the development of the Detailed Site Investigation being undertaken by the Department of Defence for RAAF base Darwin.
Antropometric and dietary assessment nutrition in oncological patients).
Zipongo provides digital dietary assessment, nutrition counseling, advanced personalisation using Nutriomics data, meal planning, cooking tools, grocery delivery, discounts, rewards and guided meal ordering.
The FFQ was demonstrated to be a valid dietary assessment tool for protein, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K.
Since the Company commenced trading in mid-2013, dietitians, sports scientists, educators, nutritionists and food service operators have rushed to the Irish company's website to avail of their software, which provides a range of nutrition analysis tools to assist with dietary assessment, meal planning and recipe analysis.
Nutritional and dietary assessment (obesity screening and treatment)
Dietary assessment in food environment research: A systematic review.
Keywords: Food frequency questionnaire (FFQ), 24-hour dietary recall (24HR), Dietary assessment, Validation.

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