dietary assessment

di·e·tar·y as·sess·ment

(dīĕ-tar-ē ă-sesmĕnt)
Division of a dietary food record into individual components of the Food Guide Pyramid; assessment of quality, of whether the patient has an adequate diet, and of where modifications in that diet may be needed.
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Some of the prominent trends that the market is witnessing include increasing focus among consumer on healthy choices and subsequent dietary assessment, recent technological developments in dehydrated green beans, growth opportunities/investment opportunities.
Keeping this in mind, Kidzee has designed a holistic health check-up and wellness programme that focuses on General Health Assessment, Dental Health, Eye-health, Dietary assessment, Health Games and a contest for Behavioural Assessment.
How to engage children in self administered dietary assessment programmes.
Limitations include that dietary assessment was only undertaken at baseline, not accounting for atrial fibrillation as a risk factor.
Dietary assessment: 24 h recall is used and is based on an interview during which the person recalls all food consumed in the previous 24 h.
The researchers entered the food recalls data into the three programs: DietWin Plus[R] Professional version 2.0 (DietWin[R]), (15) Avanutri Online[R] (Avanutri[R]), (16) Brazilian, and the Worldfood Dietary Assessment System[R], American.
Hence, after calculating the dietary assessment of the current vegetable samples it can be suggested that okra and eggplant can be consumed without any hesitation.
The authors speculated that translation of this method into clinical practice would be a cost-effective and time-effective alternative to "objective dietary assessment." They correctly pointed out that DASH scores, as a means to dietary scoring, would involve arbitrary thresholds.
Dietary Assessment. Dietary assessment was based on validated FFQ, which included questions regarding participants' frequency intake of several food items and beverages during the previous year from assessment dates in 1997 and 2009.
However, while the FFQ is a useful dietary assessment tool for the general healthy populations, it does not address the cultural variability and diet-related conditions.

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